As the health insurance industry continues to change and cost of employee coverage increases, many businesses are finding it harder than ever to cover employees without taking a serious hit to their finances. Traditional health insurance for employees can be one of the largest costs incurred throughout the fiscal year.

Ease and Flexibility

Membership medicine (Concierge Care and Direct Pay Care)  cuts out the health insurance middleman. By utilizing concierge primary care doctors , employers are able to customize plans to suit their workforce after consultation with the right healthcare management firm. With membership medicine, your company can focus on providing the type of care your employees really need without paying for unused services.

Cost Reduction

By limiting insurance coverage to catastrophic coverage and coupling it with concierge medical services, companies can see immediate savings of up to 3% by removing state taxes associated with more traditional plans. This on top of avoiding both risk charges and carrier profit margins can add up to 25% in overall yearly savings.

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