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Medical Memberships for Direct Primary Care

Become a member to join our team of myMDhome physicians who are leading a “new health movement” with direct primary care (DPC) medical memberships, the latest in technology, and personalized health care plans with our exclusive medical/fitness mobile app to monitor your health.


About Us

myMDhome is a first of its kind network of physicians who offer medical memberships for patients who want to partner with our physicians seeking comprehensive healthcare with the latest technology without the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies.


Our Mission

myMDhome’s mission is twofold. First, we offer patients a variety of medical memberships to fit their needs with personalized care that include ancestry testing to identify health risks in order to develop a preventive health care plan they can track and monitor on our mobile app. Second, we want to help free physicians from the fee for service practice model that requires them to see a high volume of patients to make ends meet. We offer a medical membership model that allow physicians to eliminate third party insurance billing and do what they do best — practice medicine.


Direct Primary Care Memberships

Physician practices described as “membership medicine” for Direct Primary Care have been springing up across the country during the past decade. These practices, in which patients pay a monthly membership fee to their physician for a contracted bundle of services, offer an alternative model for physicians who hope to spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients.


Why Direct Primary Care Memberships?

  • Healthier alternative to volume medicine focused on prevention and early detection through medical memberships
  • Genetic testing available to identify health risks
  • myMDhome’s exclusive mobile app to monitor your health with a self entry data feature
  • Telemedicine: Direct access via phone, email, text and video
  • Longer same -day or next -day appointments
  • No Co-Pays, Deductibles or Confusing Health Insurance Claims( DPC only)
  • Advanced Wellness programs
  • Discounted in-house lab work
  • Chronic disease management
  • In-house RX dispensing
  • A more holistic/proactive approach rather than just sickness care