Concierge Care

Like their primary care concierge counterparts, the specialty care practices often attract patients who are willing to pay extra for proactive management of their risk conditions or chronic diseases, rather than waiting for the negative consequences of both.



Membership Benefits

  • Genetic/ancestry testing with latest technology to identify patient’s risk, create patient’s health baseline to build preventative plan to monitor on our mobile app
  • Same or next day appointments
  • More frequent and extended appointments that start on time
  • 24/7 full access via technology to Doctor


  • Access to your doctor with telemedicine: facetime, Skype, email and cell
  • Preventative screenings
  • Electronic access to your medical records
  • Patients advocacy with specialists and health aids
  • Network of concierge physicians when you travel
  • Health and wellness plans via email
  • Concierge memberships with specialty doctors starting at $150 per month