Direct Primary Care

Membership physicians have only hundreds of patients at any given time, compared to the thousands that traditional physicians see that leads to better service from your physician and improved health for the patient. What separates us from other physicians is that we include genetic/ancestry testing with latest technology in our membership to identify patient’s risk, create patient’s health baseline to build preventative plan to monitor and track on our mobile app.



Membership Benefits

  • Preventive screenings
  • Same or next day appointment
  • Access to your physician with telemedicine: Facetime, Skype, email and cell
  • More frequent visits with your primary care physician who has the time for relaxed personalized care
  • Electronic access to your medical records


  • Patients advocacy with specialists and health aids
  • In house pre-packaged medications
  • In house blood testing for monitoring with myMDhome mobile app
  • Wholesale lab and medication costs
  • In-house licensed health insurance brokers for all the major carriers
  • Membership pricing starting at $100 per month