What We Do

myMDhome offers a concierge service for physicians in Palm Beach and Broward County providing in-house realty, design-build, interiors and practice conversion from “insurance” model to “membership” model — with one phone call. Our staff has decades of  realty-design-build-interiors experience in the residential and commercial fields and is now offering these turnkey services to the medical community.

When it comes to financing — we connect physicians with PNC Bank who has an entire department committed for multiple healthcare financing needs from — a new practice set up — practice expansion  — property purchase and more. Together, we operate on the basic principal that a single source provider delivers the best customer service possible — our goal is to be able to assist  physicians with all their medical space needs allowing the physician to do what they do best — practice medicine!


No need to shop multiple property websites looking for whats available on the market. We already did that. We built an easy to use custom property search feature application with hand picked medical properties for sale and lease by our in-house agents who know the local market. Give our agents the criteria for your new space and let us do the groundwork with our design-build-interiors team to eliminate future build-out issues.


The number one goal for myMDhome is patient satisfaction — and it starts in the waiting area. Most patients are stressed upon arrival for their appointment so it is important to start their treatment the minute they walk in. The waiting area should be a warm inviting space that settles the patient nerves and allows the examination process to start on a positive trend. Another major factor in healthcare design is proper lighting, which can potentially improve patient satisfaction surveys—and, subsequently, reimbursements tied to those surveys—by positively influencing patients’ perceptions of their environments.


Our client’s budgets are another major factor in the healthcare design process. Our basic design-build principle is committed to be financially responsible to our clients when it comes to meeting clients expectations with their budgets. The construction phase of the project is driven by the pre-selected interior finishes and equipment that our in-house staff manages from start to finish.


Why PNC Bank Healthcare?
Real Estate acquisitions, office improvements, practice start-up, merchant services and more.
myMDhome teams with PNC Bank from concept to completion when it comes to property acquisitions, office improvements and practice start-up.
PNC also offers extensive cash flow options and targeted banking tools and resources to help effectively manage your revenue cycle. To learn more about private practice solutions, visit pnc.com/hcprofessionals.