Physician’s Benefits

  • No fee to enroll in myMDhome’s physician directory.
  • Creation – No charge to create a legal entity, finalizing partnership agreements, patient contracts, and legal compliance.
  • Banking – PNC Bank’s health care division is the right choice for your practice to ensure payment collection correctly.
  • myMDhome offers a concierge service to manage — Marketing — Sales — Membership Account Management — Billing software integration — Transition support to membership model with announcement letters, membership agreements and more.
  • Office team training.



  • No startup cash needed to transition to membership model.
  • Build equity in your practice with residual membership income for a retirement exit strategy.
  • Exclusive Web Listing – Put your business in view of thousands of online visitors and make it easy for them to join your practice.
  • Being a member of myMDhome’s physicians network to gain access to new patients through our marketing to employers for group health insurance and social media marketing to the general public.
  • Physicians: Why You Would Want To List Your Practice with myMDhome?   Our physicians offer the best care for their  patients by offering longer appointments available within 24-48 hours, wellness programs, social media access, chronic disease management, telemedicine, discounted labs, in-house pre-packaged RX dispensing and blood analyzer services with access to myMDhome’s exclusive mobile medical/fitness app where patients enter their own data to monitor their health progress.
  •  Join DPC


  • Physicians have the option of a “hybrid” practice where they keep their existing practice of fee for services patients with a membership practice.
  • All myMDhome patients have an option to receive genetic testing included in their membership to identify health risks to create patient’s health baseline with preventative plan to monitor on our mobile medical/fitness app.
  • Proactive and healthier patients by adopting an advanced wellness plan which is included in their membership fee
  • Extended time to spend with patients.
  • Telemedicine with Face time, Skype, email and cell.
  • Reduced administrative work by eliminating overhead needed for processing insurance claims.
  • We provide pricing standards for a selected services for patients to be aligned with national DPC practices.
  • Vendor and Vaccine management.included.