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This membership agreement ( the “Agreement” ) specifies the terms and conditions under which you, the undersigned  ( “Affiliated Physician” ), may participate in the MyMDhome

Concierge  Membership ( “Membership” ). This agreement becomes effective upon the Affiliated Physician ( “Affiliated Physician” ) signing this Agreement


  1.  myMDhome agrees to provide the following management services for Affiliated Physician


  1. Identifying the practice model that best meets your needs


  1. Developing a comprehensive marketing and implementation plan


  1. Marketing materials for the Membership, mailings and distribution


  1. Providing full-time account representatives to promote the program during the introductory period


  1. Providing professional call center telephone support through our “Patient Care Center”


  1. Performing regulatory and legal review in your state


  1. Providing full training for you and your office staff for membership and appointment applications


  1. Designing and implement office modifications to support a successful program


  1. Performing mid-year patient satisfaction surveys


  1. Offering ongoing marketing and consultative practice management services for additional revenue sources for the affiliated Physician


  1. Develop a Business Plan with an exit strategy for Affiliated Physician.


  1. myMDhome management fee – Monthly $25 fee per patient for the first year, $15 monthly fee thereafter


  1. 4. Relationship Between Affiliated Physician and MyMDhome  – Both parties understand and acknowledge that Affiliated Physicians are independent contractors and are not the agents, servants or employees of myMDhome and further agree and understand that myMDhome does not provide, supervise or control the care that you receive from an Affiliated Physician. Rather, care is furnished and directed solely by the Affiliated Physician who exercises his/her own medical judgment in his/her practice of medicine. myMDhome is not responsible for the judgment or conduct of any Affiliated Physician who renders services.


  1. 5. Termination
  1. Both myMDhome and the Affiliated Physician can terminate this agreement with 30 days written notice.
  2. Upon termination by the Affiliated Physician, myMDhome to be compensated their $30 monthly management for every new enrolled patient in the past year from the termination date. No penalty for patients enrolled for more than a year with Affiliated Physician.


  1. Entire Agreement. – The undersigned agrees to the terms of this Agreement, all of which are expressed herein. There are no promises or representations except as set forth herein.


  1. Notices – Any communication required or permitted to be sent under this Agreement shall be in writing and sent via U.S. mail to the addresses set forth in this Agreement. Any change in address shall be communicated in accordance with the provisions of this section.


  1. Billing – Management fees are invoiced monthly.


  1. Governing Law – This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State Of Florida without regard to Florida’s choice of law provisions.

10. Term of Contract – For the life of the Patient’s Membership, management fees have a minimum one year charge for each enrolled Membership patient.